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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How to participate

Anyone! Registration is open to all adults or minors accompanied by parents or legal guardians (minimum age varies depending on the difficulty of the route, usually starting from 10 years old) who have a desire to be in nature.

The maximum number of participants varies depending on the route and usually does not exceed 20-25 people per guide.

Sure! Book your spot, and in compliance with the current anti-COVID regulations, we will try to arrange a ride for you (a fixed contribution per person is required for the transportation with the guide departing from North Rome). We will coordinate the contribution with other drivers using ViaMichelin.

The excursions are postponed ONLY for objectively dangerous reasons (storms with lightning, hurricanes, strong winds capable of breaking trees…). The notification of excursion cancellation will be communicated by the guide via email/WhatsApp to all participants. If you are the type of person who fears a cloud, doesn’t want to get their boots dirty, or worries about ruining their makeup, this group is not suitable for you.

To assist you in your choice, you can make use of the difficulty scale for hiking. Created by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) to categorize trails in a consistent manner, it is primarily based on three parameters:

  • Elevation gain: the sum of the ascent and descent slopes.
  • Planimetric distance: the distance from point A to point B on the map, calculated without taking altitude into account.
  • Trail markings: typically consisting of signs indicating the location, estimated time, and trail number (trail marker), along with the traditional white-red paint marks on rocks and trees along the route.

Based on these factors, the difficulty levels for hiking are classified into five categories: Tourist, Hiker, Experienced Hiker, Experienced Hiker with Equipment, and Expert Ice-Equipped Hiker.

Our excursions fall into the first three categories.

When you decide to participate in one of our excursions, you need to fill out the form located at the bottom of the page of each proposed excursion. You can find all our excursions here:

Each excursion is confirmed the day before the scheduled date, as it may be postponed or canceled due to weather conditions, trail conditions, or if we have not reached the minimum number of participants.

You will receive confirmation from the email address, so please save it as a trusted contact to ensure it doesn’t go to your spam or junk folder.

Your personal data is required for insurance and administrative purposes. Personal data, including the fiscal code, is necessary to activate the insurance coverage for the participant of the excursion. Without activating the insurance coverage, you cannot participate.

Excursion cancellation policy

Excursions are cancelled ONLY for objectively dangerous reasons (thunderstorms, hurricanes, strong winds capable of breaking trees, etc.). The notification of the canceled excursion will be communicated by the guide via email/WhatsApp to all participants.

If for any reason you need to cancel the excursion, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation by clicking on the “Cancel registration for this event” link provided in the booking confirmation email and follow the procedure. PLEASE AVOID LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS!

Children and teenagers

You can participate with your baby in a baby carrier only if the difficulty level of the excursion is qualified as “easy” and after prior phone agreement with the guide Ivana.

We always indicate the minimum age of young participants, assuming they are already accustomed to walking. If this is not the case, we recommend starting with hikes no longer than 5 km and with an elevation gain of no more than 300 m. If in doubt, contact guide Ivana 🙂

Hiking Gear

Would you do athletic in hiking boots? The answer is: no. However, if it’s your first hiking experience and the planned route allows it, you can come with athletic shoes. The important thing is that they have a textured sole and not a smooth one (no to shoes like All Star, Superga, Skechers, Geox, with wedges).

Hiking boots are the most important equipment to purchase. Lightweight and low shoes are ideal for many activities, but in the world of hiking, they can only be used on short trails. For more challenging treks, where carrying a backpack on rough and uneven terrain is involved, it is advisable to wear something that provides greater support, such as mid or high hiking boots. They should be durable, waterproof, and at the same time lightweight.

A backpack for a one-day excursion usually does not exceed 35 liters in capacity. A 15-20 liter backpack is suitable for an easy walk. From 20 to 30 liters, it is a backpack where you can comfortably fit everything you need for a one-day hike (water, food, rain jacket, trekking poles). A 35-liter backpack may be necessary if, in addition to carrying your own supplies, you also need to consider the needs of children, who always have some additional requirements.

Un adeguato abbigliamento contribuisce al tuo benessere. L’abbigliamento varia a seconda della stagione e dell’ambiente in cui si cammina. L’ideale è vestirsi a strati, in modo da adattarsi rapidamente alle condizioni esterni. In sostanza, l’abbigliamento deve aiutare a mantenere la pelle asciutta e proteggerti dal freddo, dal caldo, dal vento e dalla pioggia. Nel particolare caso della minaccia di pioggia vanno aggiunti: un guscio/giacca antipioggia oppure una mantellina impermeabile con cappuccio, le ghette.

Appropriate clothing contributes to your well-being. The clothing you choose will depend on the season and the environment in which you are hiking. It is ideal to dress in layers so that you can quickly adapt to changing external conditions. Essentially, your clothing should help keep your skin dry and protect you from cold, heat, wind, and rain. In the specific case of the threat of rain, it is advisable to bring a waterproof shell/jacket or a rain poncho with a hood, as well as gaiters.

Depending on the season, the following items can be useful: hiking poles, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat with a visor, insect repellent, a wool cap, and gloves.


In each hike, it is specified whether bringing a dog is allowed. Only one dog per participant is permitted.

We kindly ask for maximum respect towards the group members and the surrounding environment. During the lunch break, please keep your dog close to you, and if we encounter grazing animals, it is important to avoid disturbing them by keeping the dogs on a leash. Please remember that our dogs are often not accustomed to long walks, especially uphill, so be sure to bring plenty of water and a bowl for them as well (at least 2 liters).

Only dogs that are well-socialized with other dogs and people, up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention, microchipped, and covered by third-party liability insurance, can participate. Aggressive dogs, females in heat, dogs under 10 months old, and dogs with cardiovascular or orthopedic problems are not allowed to participate.

The dog will be, as required by current Italian laws, kept on a leash at all times, with a maximum length of 1.5 meters. A muzzle must be readily available at the first signs of aggressive behavior. Concurrently with the registration for the excursion, the dog owner declares that the animal is not registered in the Registry of biting dogs and does not have behavioral issues. Notwithstanding the above, the dog may be unleashed upon the indisputable judgment of the guide and with the unanimous consent of the participants.